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Facebook Home & New Mobile Touch Dynamics

I wrote a piece about Facebook Home when it came out a few months ago (which I published to FB). Since I hadn't blogged in a while, I figured I'd cross post the piece here to ease back into things:

It was one long night, one crazy idea, and that's how it started - Joey Flynn

I’m not sure what you think of the growth potential for Facebook home. Truth is, current predictions are mere guesses and there’s much more to the story than visions of success or failure. The platform is underpinned by profound reasoning that begs to redefine the status quo.

Until now, smartphones were thought of as personalized repositories of apps, that people weaved into. Facebook’s latest initiative thinks of the phone as a personalized repository of people that your applications weave into. That’s quite a shift.

Here’s the thing, as much as you love your current iPhone or Android, the future of human computer interaction won’t be defined by “faceless entities organized by row inside a texting app.” And that’s the point. This story isn’t actually about Facebook, or Google, or Apple. It’s about how our species will come to think of digital communication in the future – and I’m glad Facebook took it upon themselves to pave a route that aims to bring things back to the essence: the actual people behind the bits and pixels.

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