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Our social propensity...

It's easy to be impressed by the beauty and intriguing nature of the following image, but one truly needs to read the account of it's creator to fully comprehend the complexity of what (s)he is currently staring at. On the surface, it looks like a gorgeous visualization of Facebook users around the globe. Nevertheless, this isn't exactly the case.

While reading Paul Butler's account of how he went about creating this piece (while interning at FB), one quickly realizes that this is far more than just a picture or map of Facebook users. It's a truly mesmerizing data visualization that roots itself in one thing and one thing only: our human propensity to continually expand our social circle! You know that saying "we are social animals" which first emerged in greek philosophy, but has been reiterated by countless people ever since? Well this is that...visualized.

The image is captivating and reminds one of just how social we were, are and have become as a species.

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