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The Value of Small Ideas

This week, Gareth Kay, director of brand strategy at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, has been writing a fantastic set of posts (1 a day) about the value of small ideas in advertising. These posts are a welcome departure from the omnipresent belief that advertising needs to focus on finding big ideas, driven by big budgets. Here are a couple particularly memorable quotes from his various posts. I strongly encourage you to read through them all. It's really fantastic stuff by one of the most talented and forward thinking strategists in the industry.

1- "Big problems don't require big solutions. " In fact "big behavioral change can occur through small actions".

2- "In his book 'Little Bets', Peter Sims talks about how great companies stumble upon  greatness. It comes from experimentation and learning from placing little bets rather than ponderously trying to birth perfection."

3- Build long ideas. The long idea is a brilliant thought first articulated (I think) by Jon Williams of Grey.  It's a better objective than the big idea. They're created by a stream of small ideas. It creates participation and realizes that the launch of the campaign is, in reality, the beginning."

4-  "It's about making communication products, not communicating a product"

His series of posts can be found on his blog ( with the first one being: Think Small, dated May 13th. Enjoy; they're well worth the read and in my mind do a pretty awesome job at challenging the notion that only big ideas can win big.

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